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A Dream to Share -2 ( 9781800327962 )
Her sister paid a terrible price. Can she avoid the same fate? A quest for revenge leads a young woman to a new friend, but also puts her in grave danger. Can love triumph over evil?
Chester, 1907. Emma Griffiths' sister took her own life when she became pregnant out of wedlock to a man who refused to take responsibility. Now Emma is out to avenge her sister's death. Emma leaves her job as a maid, no longer willing to put up with unwanted attention from her employer.
As poverty threatens to engulf her, she meets another young servant, Alice, who is struggling to escape her own unhappy past. Emma and Alice become close and it soon becomes apparent that the two girls' lives may be linked in more ways than one. Just as she finds love Emma's newfound happiness is threatened when she realises that she may not be the only one seeking revenge...
June Francis

A Dream to Share -2 ( 9781800327962 )

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