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Amazing People of the North East
With over 150 photographs and illustrations articles include: Newcastle's Club A Gogo; the Spanish Flu Epidemic; Cissie Charlton's Footballing Sons; Ada Byron the world's first computer programmer; World Champion Sculler, Honest Bob Chambers; the region's Irish community; Durham Cathedral; The Horse Whisperer; Votes For Women; Sonny Liston and Muhammad Ali in the North East; the Island in the Tyne; the plight of foreign nationals during the First World War; Winslow Homer Great American Painter; Grace Darling Heroine of the Sea; Tyneside's Japanese Connection; Hadrian's Wall; the Brasilia of the North; Swords to Ploughshares Munitions to Toys; and Robert Stephenson. Quakers are featured prominently for their Anti-Slavery Campaign and the Kindertransport when Jewish children were brought to this country before the Second World War.
Alan Brett

Amazing People of the North East

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