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Antigua de Fortune of the High Seas ( 9781912626779 )
A magical, thrilling pirate adventure: fun, fantastical and totally unputdownable! '[A] magical tale of pirates, magic and high adventure!' DAN SMITH 'non-stop adventure, Loved all the magic lurking beneath the sea.' NICKI THORNTON Tiggy has always had the ocean in her blood - and lately, she's been dreaming of mermaids - but she's a high-born girl on the Isle of Fortune, forced to wear dresses, attend balls and (worst of all) comb her wild curls. But then the Pirate King strikes, wielding deadly turquoise magic, and Tiggy's younger brother is stolen - along with every boy on the island. Tiggy knows it is time to claim her destiny, take to the high seas and rescue the boys of Fortune ...
A spellbinding, hugely exciting pirate adventure: fun, feminist, classic in feel and totally unputdownable. Perfect for fans of Pirates of the Caribbean! Oli is co-founder and executive producer at Blue Zoo, a BAFTA-winning film animation company - bringing a brilliantly cinematic and visual feel to Antigua de Fortune.
Anna Rainbow

Antigua de Fortune of the High Seas ( 9781912626779 )

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