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Become the Real You  ( 9781913728465 )
Why do most of us put up with mediocre lives, keeping ourselves small... scared to play all out? It isn't because you're not talented enough or because you don't want the happiness, purpose and abundance you think everyone else out there with their shit together has. You don't believe it's possible for you because you don't have their confidence. You don't believe that you're good enough.
Your programming in the form of your belief system, is in need of a serious reboot. Now Is Your Time to get clear on what you want from your life, work out what beliefs you have that are in the way and create a new mindset that delivers unstoppable success, killer confidence and heart-bursting happiness.
Become The Real You is your life-changing guide to ditching self-doubt and breaking free from the Imposter Syndrome that has held you back so far from being, doing and having all the things you desire to become the best version of you imaginable - The Real You.
Learn how to create the life of your dreams with a little help from The Universe.
"My hope, my wish, and my invitation for you, is for you to take the opportunity this book offers you right now with both hands, grab it, and run with it, as if your life depended on it. Because the fact is, in so many ways, it actually does." Niyc Pidgeon - Hay House Author.
Donna Elliott, Cheryl Lee

Become the Real You ( 9781913728465 )

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