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Billy Elliot (2020 reissue) ( 9781913322144 )
Based on the screenplay of the renowned film and musical - a story of a young boy trying to dance his way into the future ... 'A writer of the highest quality with exceptional powers of insight.' SUNDAY TIMES - ' ... the novel stands alone as a compelling and moving story, but also complement the film and will enhance it for those who have already seen it.' OBSERVER 
Billy Elliot is growing up in a struggling coal-mining town in County Durham. His father wants him to learn to box, like he did, but Billy has other ideas. Encouraged in secret by a local teacher, he's determined to dance his way to a different future ... A wonderful new edition of Melvin Burgess's acclaimed novel, reissued to celebrate Chicken House's 20th anniversary.
Based on the motion picture screenplay of thr worldwide successful film and stage musical, written by Lee Hall.
Melvin Burgess

Billy Elliot (2020 reissue) ( 9781913322144 )

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