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Bin Boy ( 9780702305283 )
Many children think their step-parents are super-villains . . .but what if they really were? 10-year-old Billy's mum has just re-married, and his new step-dad Phil is smarmy and try-hard . . . Even if he is super rich. 
On top of that, Billy - and his best-friend Viv - are so unpopular at school, only the IT Club rank below them in the school food-chain. And, the school bully keeps throwing bins at Billy's head. So, when Billy discovers his step-dad is a super-villain with an evil plan to destroy the entire world, it is the perfect excuse to break Phil and his mum up. But gathering evidence about a super-villain is harder than it looks, and when Billy accidentally becomes 'Bin Boy' - a superhero sensation - things become a whole lot more complicated. 
Suddenly the fate of the global population is on Bin Boy's shoulders. Can he save his family and the entire world?! A story of friendship, pizza, fizzy drinks, a super-hacker, a volcano secret-lair, excellent technological wonderment, a platinum-toothed crocodile . . .And a superhero sensation! A brand-new superhero is in town and perfect for readers aged 9+.
Tom Vaughan

Bin Boy ( 9780702305283 )

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