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Constant Rabbit ( 9781444763645 )
*The village of Much Hemlock has always been a right-wing stronghold. British.
Solid. Traditional. Then they move in.
They're different from everyone else: they have a weird religion, an aggressive vegan agenda, and too many children. They may seem quiet and peace-loving, but who knows where it could lead?They are a family of human-sized rabbits, the result of an inexplicable anthropomorphising event half a century before. With a mass rehoming to Wales for 1.2 million rabbits looming, long-term resident Peter Knox is drawn from his customary spot on the fence and must choose his corner: a cosy job-for-life at the Rabbit Compliant Taskforce, or stand with the rabbits - and weather the full brunt of human savagery.
It'll take a rabbit to teach a human humanity .
Jasper Fforde

Constant Rabbit ( 9781444763645 )

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