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Cowboy Graves  ( 9781509851935 )
Companionable, exotic, witty and glamorously suggestive' Observer One more journey to the literary universe of Roberto Bolano, an essential voice of contemporary Latin American literatureRoberto Bolano's boundless imagination and seemingly inexhaustible gift for shaping the chaos of his reality into enduring fiction is unmistakable in these three exhilarating novellas. In 'Cowboy Graves', Arturo Belano - Bolano's alter ego - returns to Chile after the coup to fight with his comrades for socialism. 'French Comedy of Horrors' takes the reader to French Guiana on the night after an eclipse where a seventeen-year-old answers a pay phone and finds himself recruited into the Clandestine Surrealist Group, a secret society of artists based in the sewers of Paris.
And in 'Fatherland', a young poet reckons with the fascist overthrow of his country, as the woman he is obsessed with disappears in the ensuing violence and a Third Reich fighter plane mysteriously writes her poetry in the sky overhead. Cowboy Graves is an unexpected treasure from the vault of a master of contemporary fiction. These three fiercely original tales bear the signatures of Bolano's extraordinary body of work, echoing the strange characters and uncanny scenes of his great triumphs, while deepening our understanding of his profound gifts.
Roberto Bolano

Cowboy Graves ( 9781509851935 )

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