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Creepy Cross-Stitch ( 9781645674283 )
From projects like Wicker Man to Black Rabbit to Blood Moon Weeping Willow, Lindsay's signature style lends a touch of macabre to cross-stitch projects that you'll be eager to hang on a wall or give as a gift. The dark, witchy aesthetic is becoming more and more trendy in fashion and art, and cross-stitch is the perfect medium to try it out. Easier and more accessible than embroidery, cross-stitch is growing in popularity and is an easy craft to pick up and dive into.
With moody subjects like nocturnal creatures, thistles, ghostberries and graveyards, these incredible designs will turn you into a cross-stitch master in no time! This captivating collection is full of easy-to-follow patterns and all of Lindsay's best tips and techniques for creating bewitching cross-stitch projects. So whether you're a lifelong Halloween enthusiast or a fan of gothic art, adding a little subversive charm to your cross-stitch repertoire couldn't be easier or more fun.
Lindsay Swearingen

Creepy Cross-Stitch ( 9781645674283 )

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