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Cursed ( 9781916277182 )
The universal and archetypal theme of how the world began has been explored by tribes and civilizations from the earliest times. These creation myths from many different cultures range from tales of the Titans and Olympian gods of ancient Greece to the Dreamtime of the Aboriginal peoples. This beautifully illustrated anthology allows the reader to compare and contrast the varied and wonderful stories of how the world was made, from every continent.
Some of the classic creation tales include Marduk and the Tablets of Destiny, Five Aztec Worlds, Obtalala and the Hen, and The Cosmic Coconut. Background information to the stories is also included to provide a superb context for young students to understand the subject further. It is a perfect introduction to tales of long ago, and is ideal for project work, school libraries or home study.
Marie O'Regan

Cursed ( 9781916277182 )

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