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Jerusalem the Golden ( 9781838857141 )
Brought up in a suffocating, emotionless home in the north of England, Clara finds freedom when she wins a scholarship and moves to London. There, she meets Clelia and the rest of the brilliant and charming Denham family; they dazzle Clara with their gift for life, and Clara longs to be part of their bohemian world. But while she will do anything to join their circle, she gives no thought to the chaos that she may cause . . . 'Drabble presents characters who are not passively witnessing their lives (and ours); she is not a writer who reflects the helplessness of the stereotyped "sick society", but one who has taken upon herself the task, largely ignored today, of attempting the active, vital, energetic, mysterious re-creation of a set of values by which human beings can live' - Joyce Carol Oates
Margaret Drabble

Jerusalem the Golden ( 9781838857141 )

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