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Kid Engineer: Working with Machines ( 9781526312952 )
Discover the world of engineering with fun, step-by-step projects. Where would we be without machines? Mechanical engineers design all sorts of complex machines to make our lives easier, but behind every ingenious invention are six simple machines that make all the others possible - levers, pulleys, wheels, planes, wedges and screws. Find out how they all work, and how engineers put them to use in extraordinary ways.
Kid-Engineer is the perfect introduction to the topic for budding young engineers. Each book focuses on one of the key engineering disciplines, breaking it down to make it interesting and accessible for young readers. Simple step-by-step activities bring the learning to life and encourage readers to develop their own engineering and design skills. Great reading for aspiring engineers aged 8 and above.
Sonya Newland

Kid Engineer: Working with Machines ( 9781526312952 )

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