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Look and Wonder ( 9780750299602 )
Take a stroll through the seasons! From bright spring blossoms to colourful autumn leaves, follow the wonderful changes that each season brings. This beautifully illustrated picture book shows the glorious nature of spring greenery, dazzling summer sunshine, vibrant autumn leaves and sparkling winter snow. Follow the journey of a young boy and girl as they stroll through wind, rain, sunshine and snow to explore the wonderful changes that each season brings.
'Look and Wonder' is a fresh, bold and bright, narrative non-fiction picture book series, for children aged 4 and up, introducing children to life cycles and the natural world. The eye-poppingly colourful digital illustration style will explain the scientific concepts while the light and fun text style will make these books real home and classroom favourites.
Kay Barnham

Look and Wonder ( 9780750299602 )

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