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Love & London ( 9781739617400 )
8 Years ago.
Maggie's life was just as she had planned Perfect. She had graduated Uni with Honours, had landed her dream job and was married to her childhood sweetheart. One thing that wasn't part of the plan was becoming a widow the night before her 22nd Birthday.
Present time.
Turning 30 has forced Maggie to start asking the difficult questions in life. Should she start using anti-aging eye cream? How much money should she be paying into her private pension fund each month? Is she finally ready to start dating again?
When Maggie's Dad and his business partner Ray decide to retire early it's up to Maggie and Jake, Ray's arrogant and egotistical son, to take control.
Encouraged by her family and friends, Maggie embarks on an emotional journey of healing and self-discovery as she takes on new challenges, pushes herself from her comfort zone and finds herself on a string of terrible blind dates. All the while Jake tries his best to prove to Maggie that after years of antagonising her, he's not as obnoxious as he has had her believe.
Ellie White

Love & London ( 9781739617400 )

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