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Magma ( 9781529045550 )
Profane, funny, and uncomfortably honest' - Brandon Taylor, author of Real Life Twenty-year-old Lilja is in love. He is older and beautiful, a Derrida-quoting intellectual. He is also a serial cheater, gaslighter and narcissist.
Lilja will do anything to hold on to him. And so she accepts his deceptions and endures his sexual desires. She rationalizes his toxic behaviour and permits him to cross all her boundaries.
In her desperation to be the perfect lover, she finds herself unable to break free from the toxic cycle. And then an unexpected ultimatum: an all-consuming love, or the promise of a life reclaimed. Thora Hjoerleifsdottir explores the darkest corners of relationships, capturing an ugly, hidden nature of love.
In an era of growing pornification, she deftly illustrates the failings of our culture in recognizing symptoms of cruelty. In visceral, poetic prose, translated from Icelandic by Meg Matich, Magma depicts the unspooling of a tender-hearted young woman aching to love and be loved. 'Mesmerizing .
. . Hjoesleifsdottir dives deep into the fire-rivers of lust, just how much humiliation we're willing to tolerate in the name of love.' - Oprah Daily
Thora Hjoerleifsdottir

Magma ( 9781529045550 )

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