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Nature Needs You!  ( 9781445172880 )
Find out about caring for nature with children Anjali, Lulu, Mason and Noah. The four friends discover an injured fox in the garden and need to take it to an animal rescue centre. There, they begin a year of discovery learning about the amazing animals, plants and places that make up our natural world.
As the year goes on the children talk to lots of different people, from park rangers and environmentalists, to teachers and grandparents. They learn lots of things about the natural world, from biodiversity, food chains and climate change to pollination, plastic pollution and ecosystems. Throughout there are Take Action advice panels, which give examples of small ways that people can get involved to help protect nature.
Get Busy activity suggestions encourage children to be actively engaged with nature, by birdwatching or planting wild flowers. There are also full-page, step-by-step activities for how to make a bug hotel and a bird feeder. By the end of the book, readers will have a better understanding of the importance of nature, humans' impact on nature and what can be done to help protect itLook out for the other titles in this series: Go Green!, Wild Weather! and Save the Seas!
Liz Gogerly

Nature Needs You! ( 9781445172880 )

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