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Never Give Up : A Life of Adventure ( 9780552177832 )
Bear Grylls has always sought out adventure. From childhood escapades to would-record-breaking expeditions, to his infamous survival challenges, Bear has spent a lifetime in the wild.
In his autobiography, the global adventurer, Chief Scout and TV presenter reflects on the extraordinary adventures that have shaped his life. Sharing personal stories from his toughest expeditions and capturing the exhilarating reality behind some of the hairiest survival missions, Bear takes readers up mountains and across oceans, through jungles and deserts. Immersing us in the behind-the-scenes action on his celebrated television shows, and with a rare insight into his family life, Bear recounts his most death-defying and life-defining moments.
Packed with deeply personal and wildly entertaining tales, Never Give Up is a testament to the value of adventure. It celebrates the power of the wild and what it can teach us, and highlights the importance of courage, kindness and a resilient attitude - a 'never give up spirit' - to navigate the great adventure of life. 
'Bear is someone who truly grabs life with both hands.' - Jonny Wilkinson,  'So many positive messages wrapped up in Bear's many incredible adventures.' - Roger Federer
Bear Grylls

Never Give Up : A Life of Adventure ( 9780552177832 )

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