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Robert B. Parker's Stone's Throw ( 9780857304971 )
The town of Paradise receives a tragic shock when the mayor is discovered dead, his body lying in an open grave on a property on the lake. It's ostensibly suicide, but Jesse has his doubts... especially because the piece of land where the man was found is the subject of a contentious and dodgy land deal. Two powerful moguls are fighting over the right to buy and develop the prime piece of real estate, and one of them has brought in a hired gun, an old adversary of Jesse's: Wilson Cromartie, aka Crow. 
Meanwhile, the town council is debating if they want to sacrifice Paradise's stately character for the economic boost of a glitzy new development. Tempers are running hot, and as the deaths begin to mount, it's increasingly clear that the mayor may have standing in the wrong person's way.
Mike Lupica

Robert B. Parker's Stone's Throw ( 9780857304971 )

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