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Secret Sunderland ( 9781445684093 )
Sunderland enjoys a good hark back. Mackems (Sunderland natives) take great pleasure in sharing their knowledge - pointing out what used to be where and why. Author Marie Gardiner uncovers some of the hidden history behind this remarkable city by the sea, shedding light on some of its fascinating and enigmatic stories, people and places.
Stand a few inches taller with pride as we encounter past heroes like lifesaver Joseph 'Stormy Petrel' Hodgson, and Jack Crawford, who reached dizzying heights in the midst of battle. Learn how Sunderland's football club came into existence, how we almost lost our beloved Sunderland Empire Theatre and why there's a concrete boat stuck to the bed of the River Wear. As we negotiate the twists and turns of Sunderland's history, we take an occasional dark path, where we uncover mass graves, a serial murderer, and discover how a terrible tragedy had national consequences.
Secret Sunderland reveals all this and more, and will appeal to locals and visitors alike.
Marie Gardiner

Secret Sunderland ( 9781445684093 )

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