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Shazza the Homesick Cockatoo  ( 9781782269311 )
Book 2 in the Magic Animal Cafe series! Worried about the future of the cat cafe, Ellie and Blake investigate a rumour at the local park. It's the perfect place to test their new ability to understand animals - and there's a bird who's happy to talk. Shazza the cockatoo is loud, bossy and obsessed with 'numnums'.
All she wants is to return to Australia. But for now she'll settle for inviting herself home with Ellie and Blake, who soon learn that getting along with animals can be just as hard as getting along with people. About the Magic Animal Cafe series:Join Ellie and Blake as they start new lives in a new town and a mysterious old building.
They've only just met, but already they share a magical secret: they can talk to animals! That could prove useful with Ellie's mum opening a cat cafe, but the cafe is under threat from a greedy property developer - unless Ellie and Blake can stop him. With engaging illustrations and quirky talking animals, Magic Animal Cafe is perfect for animal lovers and young readers aged 7+.
Stella Tarakson

Shazza the Homesick Cockatoo ( 9781782269311 )

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