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Spanish House Secrets ( 9781915338877 )
In 2019 Grace's memories from childhood are stirred by the sound of a medlody. Her home in 1950s England was a Spanish House. A house with Secrets. 
1920s England� loveable, likeable Simon receives a letter on the ed of his twenty-first birthday. A letter that will change his life. 
Dainty, demure Olivia has so much to be thank for: a doting husband, a beautiful house, a thriving business, but a nagging doubt. In the last years of the Roaring Twenties, this doubt is compounded by the discovery of a discarded item. 
Elise has know many harsh blows in her young life. Returning home in Madrid in 1922, she know she must pick herself up and move on. Can she continue to live in this Spanish House? The arrival of a visitor creates a new dimension for her. 
Susan Gray

Spanish House Secrets ( 9781915338877 )

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