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The Frozen Worlds ( 9780241585078 )
Enter the world of the Arctic and Antarctic, in this gorgeously illustrated book for young animal and conservation enthusiasts. Polar bears and penguins glide and whales and walruses dive across the pages of this colourful book, which takes children on a fascinating sub-zero journey of the amazing Earth's poles. The Frozen Worlds combines stunning illustrations and photos to help young enthusiasts aged 7-9 learn all about the Arctic and Antarctic.
From incredible frozen rivers to Antarctic volcanoes, they'll discover the incredible secret life of Earth's polar regions, as well as which plants and animals live near them, and how they can protect them from the issues facing them today. Children will love finding out all about the different people who live and work here, and how they can help take care of the Arctic and Antarctic themselves. This fascinating book for children features: - Intriguing information about the Arctic and Antarctic, that supports and goes beyond the curriculum!- Factual, fascinating, and fun content - with detailed illustrations and photographs of animals, icebergs, and more.
Jason Bittel

The Frozen Worlds ( 9780241585078 )

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