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The Nightingale Gallery ( 9781800324534 )
Book 1 of the Brother Athelstan Mysteries
A terrible power struggle threatens the very core of Britain...In 1376, the Black Prince dies of a terrible sickness, closely followed by his father, King Edward III in 1377. The crown of England is left in the hands of a mere boy, and the great nobles gather like hungry wolves round the empty throne. Soon the prelates of the church and the powerful Merchant Princes of London are drawn in.
One of these, Sir Thomas Springall, is foully murdered within a few days of the old king's death. Sir John Cranston, the coroner of London, is ordered to investigate. He is assisted by Brother Athelstan, a penitent Dominican monk.
From the sinister slums of Whitefriars to the barbaric splendour of the English Court, Cranston and Athelstan are drawn into a dark and terrifying web of intrigue.
Paul Doherty

The Nightingale Gallery ( 9781800324534 )

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