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The Wizard of Eventide ( 9780356514888 )
As Vittorio's empire enacts its bloody reign, the Uaine now behind him after a stunning betrayal, a reunited Sonya and Sebastian must embark on a journey to distant lands to amend past wrongs-and find unlikely allies along the way. In far Raiz, Jorge has his hands full enough with the devastation the Empire left behind. 
But the battle isn't over, and the sovereignty of his nation will depend on his ability to band together the ancient houses - and recruiting a figure straight out of legend. Galina, now Queen of Izmoroz, rules her land with an iron fist in a velvet glove. But heavy is the crown, and enemies lie in wait both within and without her dominion. To realise her vision for a free Izmoroz at last, she'll have to fight with much more than politics.
Jon Skovron

The Wizard of Eventide ( 9780356514888 )

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