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Twelve Months and a Day ( 9780007532940 )
Rasmus and Jay, Roisin and Nico - two beautiful, ordinary love stories, cut short by death. Jay and Nico don't even believe in ghosts, yet they seem to be... still here.
Still in love with Rasmus and Roisin. And maddeningly powerless. Both are incapable of leaving the living alone: Jay plays matchmaker, convinced that Rasmus and Roisin can heal each other; Nico, plagued by jealousy, doesn't agree.
Rasmus and Roisin are just trying to navigate their newly widowed lives. But all four of them are thinking the same thing: what is love, after death? What is it for? And what are we to do with it?
Louisa Young

Twelve Months and a Day ( 9780007532940 )

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