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When the Lion Feeds - The Courtney Series 1 ( 9781785767043 )
BROTHERS BY BIRTH. ENEMIES UNTIL DEATH. Heirs to their father's fortune, destiny divides the Courtney twins from the start.
Sean Courtney is strong, determined and adventurous, while Garrick Courtney is eager to stay indoors with a book and escape the hardships of cattle-rearing on the family farm. Following in his adored father's footsteps, Sean Courtney's adventures will take him from the violence of the Zulu wars to the thrilling highs of the gold rush, leaving behind countless broken hearts. Garrick Courtney, left to manage the farm he loathes, wishes only for a quiet life.
Happiness seems within his grasp with the beautiful Anna Van Essen, one of the broken-hearted women Sean left in his wake, but he is devastated when tragedy strikes once more. As both brothers seek to realise their destinies, they find their paths must once again cross in a bitter showdown. Can either brother thrive while the other still lives? BOOK 1 IN THE EPIC HISTORICAL SAGA OF THE COURTNEY FAMILY
Wilbur Smith

When the Lion Feeds - The Courtney Series 1 ( 9781785767043 )

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