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White Fox in the Forest: 2  ( 9781912626090 )
The second novel in the Chinese bestselling White Fox series, translated by Jennifer Feeley and with illustrations by Viola Wang. 'Full of peril, friendship and mysticism' FINANCIAL TIMES The quest continues as white fox Dilah and his friends follow the moonstone's guiding light, hearts set on transforming into humans. Along the way, they discover hostile terrain, new friends, fearsome enemies and legendary magic - including a mythical enchanted forest which may be the answer to all their prayers ...
but can they pass the ultimate test and prove they have what it takes to be human? An epic tale of friendship, bravery and sacrifice awaits ... The second book in the White Fox series, a bestseller in China. The first middle-grade series ever to be translated from Chinese into English.
Translated by the award-winning Jennifer Feeley, with gorgeous black-and-white line illustrations by acclaimed Chinese-born artist Viola Wang.
Chen Jiatong

White Fox in the Forest: 2 ( 9781912626090 )

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