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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are an independent bookshop selling new books in a variety of genres. We have books for children, teenagers and adults. As well as modern fiction, we have a fantasy and sci-fi section, a romance section and a small selection of nonfiction and manga books.


We are happy to order in any book you wish provided it is in print.


Please email or phone us to order a book.


Meet The Team

A book lover from childhood, Nicole enjoys all genres but has a soft spot for fantasy books. After graduating, Nicole lived in Japan for five years, resulting in a love of Japanese fiction and translated fiction.  After visiting numerous independent bookshops in the UK, Nicole decided to take a chance and open her own shop, offering her the opportunity to combine both interests.  Nicole is seeking to provide a shopping experience that is an asset to the local community.


Nicole's mum, Stephanie, recently retired from a career in the NHS and local government.  Like Nicole, Stephanie is an avid reader but enjoys different genres to Nicole - mainly historical fiction and history, music, cooking and travel related non-fiction.  Stephanie helps out in the shop for a few hours each week as well as decorating the windows and sourcing book related gifts.

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