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  • Can I buy any book via this Webpage?
    As long as a book is in print and available via our supplier, you can buy it via this Webpage. You can pay for the book using the Webpage or by bank transfer (please get in touch if this is your preferred method). We do not accept payments over the phone. Once the book has been ordered, you can receive it in one of three ways: 1 – We will contact you when the book is with us and you can pop into the shop to collect it. 2 – We will post the book out to you from the shop, starting at £2.99. 3 – The wholesaler will send the book directly to you. For 2 and 3, we reserve the right to discuss the postage cost with you if it is going to be significantly higher than our standard charge.
  • Can I buy any gifts via the Webpage?
    Yes, in this case either 1 or 2 above will apply.
  • Do you buy or accept second hand-books?
    No, unfortunately not as we do not have sufficient space.
  • Do you run a book club?
    We run two book clubs: 1 – on Tuesday evenings 6.30 – 7.30 2 – on Friday lunchtimes 1.00 – 2.00 The book club members select the books that will be discussed and how often they will meet. Please see the events tab for further details. We offer 10% if the selected books are purchased from the shop.
  • Is it possible to visit the shop on my own?
    If you are not comfortable visiting the shop with other customers, we can arrange to open the shop before or after our normal trading hours for 20 minutes or so. Please contact the shop to arrange.
  • Gift Vouchers and National Book Tokens
    We have our own gift vouchers and will shortly be stocking National Book Tokens. The gift vouchers can be for any amount you wish and can be posted to you or the person who you are gifting it to. Please contact the shop for more details.
  • Do you stock books by self-published authors?
    We are very keen to support all authors but given the size of our shop this is limited to local authors whose books we believe would be of interest to our customers. If you live in County Durham or Tyne and Wear, or your books are based in these areas, please get in touch to discuss how we might be able to help you.
  • Schools
    We are keen to support local schools and can arrange visits from small groups of accompanied pupils. We are likely to be able to support with buying bulk orders of books at a discount. If you would like to discuss this or other ideas further, please contact the shop.
  • Why has the postage increased?
    Orders are sent out using Royal Mail second class. They have recently increased the price of postage and so we have reviewed our charges too.
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