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History Minute by Minute  ( 9781803990569 )
At what time was Guy Fawkes discovered underneath the Palace of Westminster? Just when was Einstein's Theory of Relativity proved? What time was on the clock when Titanic sunk? When was President John F. Kennedy assassinated? All these questions and 400 more are answered in History Minute by Minute, breaking down history into a round-the-clock timeline of fascinating and vital moments from around the world. From battles and assassinations to crimes, deaths and disasters - and everything else that makes up our vivid and unique history - you will find that no minute lacks some significance.
So, whether you want to find out what time an event happened or if anything noteworthy happened at the time of your birth, anniversary or the time on the clock right now, you are sure to delight in this quirky take on world history.
Norman Ferguson

History Minute by Minute ( 9781803990569 )

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