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Mystery Book

Fancy a surprise book? Haven't had time to catch up with this month's releases and would just like to enjoy a book without having read all the press around it? Maybe this is for you :)


How will it work?

Each month we'll send an email detailing 3 books for you to pick from. We won't say which books they are but will offer a few clues, and a selection of genres, for you to decide which book you'd like. Then we'll wrap your book up and send it out (or put it aside for you to pick up) and you'll get the joy of discovering which book we have carefully selected. 


The books will be new paperbacks, published in the month prior to the release of the mystery books (i.e if you have paid for a mystery book in July 2023, the new book will have been published in June 2023).


The deadline to sign up/pay will be the 24th of the month with the email detailing options coming out soon after. Your book will be ready for you during the first week of the following month.  


A recurring theme from the bookclub is that customers have enjoyed reading books that they normally wouldn't had chosen. We are going to offer this experience to all of our customers by starting an  experimental service that may be changed depending on results. If this proves to be popular we will expand the options available. If it is unsuccessful, all paid for books will obviously be provided. 


Postage not included in price. (Typically �2.99)



Mystery Book

Price Options
One-time purchase
Mystery Book
£10.00every month for 3 months
Mystery Book
£10.00every month for 6 months
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