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Red Burning Sky - 9781800328945
A thrilling drama based on the true story of one of the Second World War's most daring and successful rescue missions.Summer, 1944. Yugoslavia is locked in a war within a war. In addition to fighting the German occupation, warring factions battle each other.
Hundreds of Allied airmen have been shot down over this volatile region, among them American Lieutenant Bill Bogdonavich. Though grateful to the locals who are risking their lives to shelter and protect him from German troops, Bogdonavich dreams of the impossible: escape. With three failed air missions behind him, Lieutenant Drew Carlton is desperate for redemption.
From a Texas airbase he volunteers for a secretive and dangerous assignment, codenamed Operation Halyard, that will bring together American special operations officers, airmen, and local guerilla fighters in Yugoslavia's green hills. This daring plan - to evacuate hundreds of stranded airmen while avoiding detection by the Germans - faces overwhelming odds. What follows is one of the greatest stories of military heroism, an elaborate rescue that required astonishing courage, sacrifice, and resilience.
Red Burning Sky is a riveting and ultimately triumphant military thriller based on true events, all the more remarkable for being so little known - until now. Perfect for fans of Alistair MacLean, Jack Higgins and John Nichol. Praise for Tom Young: 'One of the most exciting new thriller talents in years!' Vince Flynn, 'Gripping and impressively authentic' Frederick Forsyth, 'Courage and honor in the face of the enemy have not been so brilliantly portrayed since the great novels of the Second World War' Jack Higgins
Tom Young

Red Burning Sky - 9781800328945

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