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Ryan's Christmas - a DCI Ryan mystery  ( 9781912310159 )
Christmas can be murder... After a busy year fighting crime, DCI Ryan and his team of murder detectives are enjoying a festive season of goodwill, mulled wine and, in the case of DS Phillips, a stottie cake or two-that is, until a freak snowstorm forces their car off the main road and into the remote heart of Northumberland. Their Christmas spirit is soon tested when they're forced to find shelter inside England's most haunted castle, where they're the uninvited guests at a 'Candlelit Ghost Hunt'.
It's all fun and games-until one of the guests is murdered. It seems no mortal hand could have committed the crime, so Ryan and Co. must face the spectres living inside the castle walls to uncover the grisly truth, before another ghost joins their number...
Book number 15 in the DCI Ryan mysteries.
L. J. Ross

Ryan's Christmas - a DCI Ryan mystery ( 9781912310159 )

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