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Set in Stone  ( 9781915054586 )
In medieval Moldova, two women from opposing backgrounds fall in love.
But this is a world where a woman�s role is defined by religion and class. To make a life together means defying their families, the law, and the Church. The closer they become, and the more they refuse the roles assigned to them, the more sacrifices they have to make. While Mira�s rebellion puts her life in the gravest danger, Elina must fight to change her legal status to �son� so she can inherit her father�s land and change their destiny.
Set in Stone delves into the past to uncover a story which is just as relevant today: the desire to forge your own path while constantly having to resist a patriarchal fear of women�s strength � and how ultimately love can help you choose your own truth.
Stela Brinzeanu

Set in Stone ( 9781915054586 )

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