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Spell Bound ( 9781398521476 )
Edison Rooker is determined to gain access to the magical world. Problem is, he doesn't have magic. But he does have a plan: get a job as apprentice to powerful sorceress Antonia Hex.
He also has an illegal Spell Binder device, which he must keep hidden from the Magical Consortium, at all costs . . .
With his new job, Edison is given a new name - Rook - which he happily accepts. He's less happy about working alongside Sun, the grumpy but annoyingly cute apprentice to Antonia's big rival. When the Consortium gets wind of Rook's Spell Binder, they come for Antonia.
Rook turns to the only other magical person he knows: Sun. The two must team up to save Antonia or face losing their magic forever.
F.T. Lukens

Spell Bound ( 9781398521476 )

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