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The Accidental Stowaway  ( 9780571363124 )
Patch finds adventure on every deck of the 'floating palace' she accidentally stows away on. Liverpool, 1910When Patch runs up the gangway of steamship, RMS Glorious, she isn't planning to hang around. But if she leaves her hiding place the constable might catch her: sitting tight is worth the risk.
Too late, she realises the ship is setting sail! Patch has become an accidental stowaway. Luckily, Patch's unconventional past has made her pretty fearless when it comes to fending for herself, and besides there are friends in high and low places to be made onboard. But hiding away becomes less and less easy: her new friends urgently need her help and there's a mystery that needs solving, all before they reach New York . . . With gorgeous chapter head illustrations by Kim Geyer.
'Sucked me in like a whirlpool.' Clare Povey 'A page-turning adventure.' Nicola Penfold, 'An engaging historical adventure.' The Bookseller, 'Full of adventure and fun.' The Book Bag, 'Exciting, funny and full of warmth.' LoveReading4Kids, 'Exquisite storytelling.' Jo Clarke, BookLoverJo, 'A gem of a book.' Kevin Cobane, VIP Reading
Judith Eagle

The Accidental Stowaway ( 9780571363124 )

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