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The Cove  ( 9781912310913 )
THE PERFECT ESCAPE... Gabrielle Adams has it all - brains, beauty, a handsome fiance , and a dream job in publishing. Until, one day, everything changes.
The 'Underground Killer' takes his victims when they least expect it: standing on the edge of a busy Tube platform, as they wait for a train to arrive through the murky underground tunnels of London. Gabrielle soon learns that being a survivor is harder than being a victim, and she struggles to return to her old life. Desperate to break free from the endless nightmares, she snatches up an opportunity to run a tiny bookshop in a picturesque cove in rural Cornwall.
She thinks she's found the perfect escape, but has she swapped one nightmare for another? Suspense and mystery are peppered with romance and humour in this fast-paced thriller, set amidst the spectacular Cornish landscape. 
L. J. Ross

The Cove ( 9781912310913 )

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