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The Moon and Stars ( 9781914148217 )
Matthew Capes, struggling with chronic stage fright, has not sung in front of an audience for ten years. A classical tenor with a magnificent voice, he only dares sing late at night on the empty stage of the Moon and Stars theatre. When Matthew's old singing partner Angela - who just so happens to be the woman of his dreams - gets back in touch and offers him the chance to perform in a nationwide tour, his low self-esteem and anxiety stand in the way.
But Matthew has a plan: he will sing in the shadows while his handsome and charismatic friend Ralph takes to the stage with Angela. What could go wrong?Loosely inspired by 'The Phantom of the Opera', this warm and witty debut novel is the perfect read for fans of David Nicholls.
Jenna Warren

The Moon and Stars ( 9781914148217 )

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