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Ties That Bind - 9781800325456
When Esme's past as a secret operative comes calling, she must choose - her husband or her job?After a bomb destroys Esme's London home, killing her son instantly, she moves to her old country house in Devon to begin the impossible task of recuperating. Soon she is drawn back into the world of espionage, and as her marriage starts to crumble, a local airman pulls her closer. Meanwhile her cousin Louise is awaiting confirmation that she can relocate to Canada to be with her husband, Douglas.
Biding her time back home, she notices her father behaving strangely and disappearing at odd hours to wander the nearby cliffs. With rumours of spies afoot, she needs to learn the truth before anyone else does... Louise and Esme still have battles to overcome as the war continues.
Will Esme betray her wedding vows or can she find her way back to Richard?A stunning and heartwrenching Second World War saga, for fans of Liz Trenow and Ellie Curzon. 
Rosie Meddon

Ties That Bind - 9781800325456

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