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Tombful of Trouble - 9781782268161
Book 3 in the Christie and Agatha's Detective Agency series!'The truth of the matter is that a number of valuable artefacts have been stolen. There is a thief at the dig!'During the excavation of an Egyptian pharaoh's tomb, Christie and Agatha find themselves at the heart of a mystery. Lord and Lady Carnarvon's dig is in jeopardy unless the thief at the site can be found.
But time is quickly running out for the twins to wrap up the case and recover Tutankhamun's treasures. About the Christie and Agatha's Detective Agency series:It's not easy growing up in the 1920s. While Christie can usually be found up a tree or trying a spot of amateur engineering, her shy twin Agatha buries her nose in books and dreams of being a writer.
The pair couldn't be more different. But when a scientific discovery goes missing, they find that together they make a winning combination and Christie and Agatha's Detective Agency is born. Join the twin detectives as they solve thrilling mysteries all over the world!
Pip Murphy

Tombful of Trouble - 9781782268161

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