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Well Matched ( 9781405956536 )
ingle mother April is soon to be an empty nester. For twelve years she's lived in Willow Creek with a wall around her heart.
Now it's time to move on, and she asks friend Mitch to help get her house ready for sale. Buff Mitch Malone is best known for the kilt (and not much else) that he wears to the town's Renaissance Faire. He agrees to help April, in return for a favour: will she pretend to be his girlfriend at a family dinner, to silence all the talk? But when dinner turns into a weekend trip, April wonders if she can fake a relationship for so long.
As summer comes round, Faire returns to Willow Creek, and April volunteers for the first time. Then Mitch's family show up unexpectedly, and he needs her to be his fake girlfriend again. Only this time, April wonders just how fake she and Mitch are becoming .
Jen DeLuca

Well Matched ( 9781405956536 )

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